3 Tips for Snowboarding on ICE (360° Video)






In this video I’ve got three tips turning your snowboard down icy steep runs. Icy runs can be difficult to turn down and increase your chances of falling. The first tip for turning on ice is to look ahead and plan your turns. There will be some areas of the run that are more icy than others, so plan your turns to avoid these areas. If you can’t avoid an icy patch you can anticipate the ice and adjust your riding. The second tip for snowboarding on ice is to be balanced over your snowboard. Ride with your knees bent, back fairly straight and hands at your side. This balanced body position will stop you from leaning too far over your heel and toe edge. The third tip for snowboarding on ice is to put your snowboard on too much of an edge. Try to let your snowboard slide with the ice. Increasing your snowboards edge angle or trying to stop may cause you to slide out on the ice. I hope these three tips for snowboarding on ice will help your riding!


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  • Was sub -17 with wind in Tyrol day before yesterday, super icy and took a few bad falls. Can already see what I did wrong, thanks for the tips man!

  • I love the 360 videos ,they are insanely AWESOME, I can learn WAY much more with these. Please keep doing them. Kevin rocks, despite those children's mittens.. Kkkkk

  • Hey man, love your videos there all awesome. They have definitely helped me progress from a complete novice to a intermediate and almost advanced snowboarder.

    But 360 degree videos aren't the one, difficult too see what you are doing and what you are trying to highlight with each point. Other than that though keep up the good work bro, looking forward to what content you bring out next!

  • To bad the 360 video is so low quality, also It is hard to know where to look 🙁
    It might be good for just "riding" videos, but when you want to teach something, we need to know where to look.
    But thanks for the tips anywasy 😀

  • If it wouldn't be too hard, could you maybe post a 360 and a normal one? Just because some people love it and some hate it. 🙂

  • Tip 3 I thinks gonna really help me, I know I have been purposely putting my edge in and wondering why I'm landing on my bum! I already plan my turn but tip 3… Got a massive bruise currently, last time I had a big fall on the ice, I fell backwards and hit my head (luckily had helmet). Wouldn't mind but I'm only on an indoor slope!!!

  • oh my god! it is my first time to watch a 360 video! it is amazing i like it! I saw lot of complains on the 360, someone mentioned it was hard to watch it on phone one the bed, but what acturally they can do is to slide the screen with finger, and it is good to go! You can probably make a tutorial on how to watch 360! nice tutorials! I like them all! btw, would you please tell me which 360 camera did you use? It looks so nice! thank u!

  • ok so if your hitting black ice on your board and u go with the ice and u are like going to fast what do u do because eveytime I try to stop on it I keep skidding and hopping and ive been snowboarding for 10 years and I cant figure out how to stop my board from skidding acrossed the black ice and I just replaced my edges with stainless steal carving edges and it still skids so u got any tips on how to either A slow down on ice or stop on black ice cuz I and I bet a lot of other people would like to know as well

  • Unless your filming this in Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine you don't really know what ice is haha.

  • Enjoying the 360 videos – I can focus just on the board, edge, knee placement etc. Or just check out the scenery. 🙂 It'd be great if I could use the arrow keys to pan rather than clicking the button in the video. But otherwise it's pretty fun!

  • Hey Kevin! I just wanna say a couple of things. First of all congratulations on 100k subscribers! Second, thank you so much for making all of these videos. I've been watching them all summer and when I finally went snowboarding yesterday it didn't take me too long to get super comfortable and progress my riding very quickly. I was able to remember all of your tips and tricks to do to progress your riding. I was able to lang my first small jumps with some speed too! was also able to land a board slide on a rail and my first jump with a 180! I was super hype about that! Even your tips for riding switch helped a lot. Another thing that helped me ride switch was riding switch on my skate board. Super helpful, it did feel awkward at first, but I was able to feel so much control because I practiced on my skateboard. Again, thank you so much Kevin for all of your videos, they really helped out so much. Your my favorite subscription and I hope you get to your 1,000,000 mark goal!!!! good luck!!!! =)

  • The 360 video is SICK on a phone! I like how you can focus on certain parts of your stance and get a good idea of how your positioning yourself! All around rad video dude, nice job!

  • Can I have someone's advice, I wanna start doing jumps but I'm terrified of falling how do I get over that?

  • Hi, I've been snowboarding for about 2 years and need a new jacket. I'm on a budget, any suggestions?

  • Awesome video, I liked the tips. It was vert icy in Whistler in Jan/Feb 2015. This will help for all future runs on Icy terrain. Thanks

  • Such a crappy video quality in these 360 cam shots. Can't even watch them anymore. Might be moving on

  • Can you make a vid on how to remember to snowboard? Cause last year I got pretty good for a beginner (if I do say so myself) and now I feel like I completely forgot

  • 360 videos don't give a very good indication of speed or direction , more regular videos please.

  • Very helpful Video, the 360 solo shooting really works with this type of instruction. I can see what your board is doing from the rider perspective. Sure the quality is a bit poor but we're not here to look at the scenery. I think we've all been spoilt by today's super high quality cameras.

  • I don't really like the 360 videos, especially for informational videos like this. I'm sure you could figure out a cool way to incorporate them though! Maybe when you're just shredding or something