Advanced Ski Technique – Skiing Stacked

Ski Instructors often use the term ‘skiing stacked’ when talking about body position in ski technique.

In this advanced ski lesson Darren Turner, presenter of the Ski School series of Apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad explains what ‘being stacked’ means and tells you how it will improve your skiing – not only when carving but off piste, in powder and crud too. Learn to ski the right way.

The Ski School series of Apps offer ski technique instruction using no-nonsense, easy-to-understand language in a format that you can take wherever you go.

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  • A few days ago I came home after a 2 weeks of skiing course where I learned how to ski. Now as watching this video i want to go back in the mountain. ♥

  • After all my years of skiing on traditional straight planks and once again getting myself back into skiing, I find these new shaped skis along with the technique a lot harder to learn. Where I used to keep my legs and skis together for slalom purposes, I now have to concentrate on keeping my knees and skis apart. I tried once last year and it was awkward! I guess I will just have to continue to persevere?

  • I like this technique, but I prefer putting the hand on the inside of the knee. It makes the turn a little more dynamic. You can also use the downhill arm to reach down the hill into the next turn. As long as you keep your body low through the transition from one edge to the next and then extend to the fall line. (don't stand up as you move from edge to edge, just roll the knees)

  • I see the point of this excercise and it can be useful for keeping your position. However the skier getting this excercise must be aware of the importance of putting most of their weight on the outer ski when turning. Unfortunately, this excercise promotes putting more weight on the inner ski when turning (because of the hand-on-the-knee thing). So while a good position is important, the weight distribution between the skis is crucial for good technique. With the right information this is really a nice excercise though.

  • I really appreciate your lessons. They are fun and insightful. Many times I'll review and practice on the mountain. You can never be too old or too experienced to learn something new. Thanks!

  • problem for this good guy with is trying hard… is his sticks which goes everywhere but never in line with the body…. think about it

  • All you helmet commenting pussies is the reason why kids can't play tag in school anymore and why playgrounds suck. You're all raising little pussy kids fuck off!

  • Am I crazy?   He isnt really that great of a skier.  He is better than most but he barely even gets on his edges.  I would call his technique sliding more than skiing.  I will say his upper body looks ok.  But, this is not really good skiing.

  • What's with the helmet policing and negative comments? You don't find this informative, use the stop button and go polish up your helmets.

  • I might get a lot of hate for this but here goes. While he is an adequate skier, this instructor is far from the best. Many of his videos actually display improper skiing techniques and I do not think these videos would be good learning aids for anyone who wants to become an advanced skier, although the methods may be all right if you're a beginner. The pole technique shown in his video are wrong as he holds them to far from his body and uses them minimally. Also, as has been mentioned before, he does not keep his shoulder pointing down hill which is key in advanced skiing. I don't mean to be offensive, I just would like to put this out there so people dont develop bad skiing habits.

  • Great video.I find all Darren,s istruction and action very helpful and simple to follow. I find  the hand on the thigh technique help to stabilize my shoulder. I am able now to ski down black runs confidently few weeks ago this year following his videos advice on skiing steep. I have overcome the fear of skiing steep for years. Thanks, Darren.

  • While he is clearly a good skier, I do have a few problems with this drill; first, it drops the inside hand, but, more importantly, it teaches improper upper body positioning. This includes dropping the inside hand but also the fact that his shoulders are not square to the bottom of the hill. Rather than creating "the strongest position," this actually lessens the pressure on the skis and results in a weaker turn. While I understand that not every skill can be tested in one drill, I find this shoulder flaw rather problematic.

  • Wrong term use ( where did you heard this "stacked" buzz word? Body's axis do not stacked unless you want to stuck into the snow!!)
     Body's Axes can either be Aligned or Missaligned.
    If helping skiers improve their technique is the reason you post videos then using biomechanics terminology is essential.
    Another essential thing is to execute right exactly what you propose.