Freeheel Starters Lesson – Introduction to Telemark Skiing

How to learn freeheel skiing. A way for beginners by Telemark-Pfalz (Palatinate ski association, Germany). We are using these 8 steps with great success since 2002 in our freeheel courses for starters.

(english version)

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  • Basically, exactly the same. Videotape yourself, and put it backwards. It's still your inside leg/knee that will be bent, but the back ski becomes the front ski.
    In other words, let's say you turn to the right going forward. Your inside leg, the right one, is bent and behind. Now, take that position and go backwards, you'll turn to the left (which is your body's right).

    Was that clear ? :s

    And you look over your outside shoulder.

    A nice example:
    youtube code: eaQ8JBpTZnk

  • Thank you so much! It helps me to "see" the tele-skiing and at the same time understand the details of the technique, so that I can form an image and understanding, and then copy that while on the slopes.

  • 1. Ride like on alpine skis with pressure on your heels/slight backseat (plough turns to parallel.
    2. Telemark stance while standing.
    3. Telemark position while traversing – Downhill ski always in front, no lead change.
    4. Lead change while standing.
    5. Lead change while traversing.
    6. Garlands into telemark stance – Series of stop-turns, more and more in fall line.
    7. First tele turns.
    8. Use of the rear inside leg.