How to 180 Jump on a Snowboard – (Regular) 180 Trick Tip

Free lesson on how to do 180s for regular riders from

This video tutorial teaches an easy six-step progression to learning 180s. It will take you through all variations: frontside 180s, backside 180s, cab (switch frontside) 180s and switch backside 180s. It will also teach you about spotting your landings blind when spinning backside and then show you how to progress by using counter-rotation and shifties in your 180s to really style them out.

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This lesson comes from one of our older videos which is no longer available. Our new videos contain lots of new techniques that we have learned from years of experience teaching riders all over the world and we believe they are the world’s best freestyle video tutorials! Our latest vids are available at

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  • I'm such a fucking idiot. For whatever reason, I thought doing the opposite of a front 180 was easier (going clockwise) instead of going counter clockwise. Fortunately I didn't break anything despite doing it for 3 hours straight.

  • I do this more on 360's than 180's but is spinning before the jump bad. And if it is how do I stop because it's becoming a bad habit.

  • I have just beggining to learn tricks (7 year riding exp) and at my local hill we have 1 big jump its more of a big height jump than a long one. And i just only did srtaight airs. I have "mastered the srtiaghts" if we can call it (the ski lift manager just looked me like hey that was real good). I now wanna begin learn 180 but i wanna do some grabs, and i have a question when i did striaght i pulled up my knee and i was like hey my board is soo close i should grab it ๐Ÿ™‚ and i did with my frnt running arm and my sholder turned inside( like at frontside spin or maybe corck) and i have fallen.. any tips on grabs?

  • Your vids are the best breakdown of snowboard tricks that I've ever seen. I've learned things that I never knew I did… and things that I didn't know I should do. Helps me to learn and teach other people. Cheers Nev, and thanks…

  • Hey +Snowboard Addiction & everyone!

    I'm not that good yet, but i've just started learning 180's on the red jumps. If you wanna support me by just checking out my newest video, it would be appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

    I was fortunate enough to go to Avoriaz in the French Alps this year, so i made a video.. Hope you'll check it out, and give it a thumbs up or something xD if not, that's aight aswell ๐Ÿ˜›

    It's right here on my channel btw.

  • I wish I had snow like that, or a mountain like that. The park is the only place to get in the air here and Northeast is 80 percent fucking ice.

  • My First Time Snowboarding/Skiing And I Can Land 360s and 180s On The Ground On Both But I Kind Of Snowboarded Before Because Wake boarding Is Somewhat Similarย 

  • Hey, Nev! I have a qestion about backside 180. Where should I look right after I leave the lip? Should I keep looking forward (over the front sholder or under the front hand kinda) for a moment or should I turn my head into the oposite direction right after I leave the lip? I can do back one on the slope and on a small kicker and I do it like this. Right after I leave the lip I turn my head away from the landing and try not to look down (if I look down right after I leave the lip I crash alot). Right after I fell that I start to fly down I start looking between the legs and spot the landing. With small kickers this works fine, but I'm wondering if this "turning away from the landing" thing is right for big kickers. Where do you look right after you leave a lip?ย 

  • My question I have is, when do I attempt to spin? After My board leaves the lip, or right before i get into the air? I believe I spin to early which ends in me falling because the board slows down incredibley while my momentum is still going forward enough for me to fall. Need an experts opinion.