How To Eurocarve On A Snowboard

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On a snowboard, a Eurocarve, is essentially a toeside carve, where the riders weight is totally over their toe edge and they are as flat as possible to the snow. Apart from raising sex appeal and impressing friends, a eurocarve is an awesome way to style up your riding.

Before attemping eurocarves. You should be proficient in connecting toeside and heelside carves, all over the mountain.

STEP 1 – Practice the position
Before trying a full on Eurocarve. Try and do a very heavy toeside carve. Get as low as you possibly can. The more bent and lower you are, the better. Now try adding a heel edge grab with your front hand. This will help you get used the feeling of riding on the most extreme point of your edge.

STEP 2 – Practice the lay-down motion on flat ground
While strapped into your snowboard, practice transitioning from the super crouched and athletic position from STEP 1 into a full on Eurocarve position. Remember, the lower you are to the ground, the less distance you have to fall to the ground.

STEP 3 – Go for it.
Now that you’re used to riding low, and have the lay-down motion on lock, try and combine them together. It will definitely take some tries and getting used to. But, it’s a fairly low risk trick, and you’ll feel awesome when you start stomping them.

– Grab your coat with your fingers to make sure snow doesn’t get up your sleave.

Goodluck! And as always, our goal is to improve your riding.

Location: Whistler Blackcomb
Riders: Nev Lapwood and Tino
Stance: Regular

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