Improve Your Snowboarding Challenge | Part 3 – Balance






Challenge your balance and improve your snowboarding by riding with different stances. Your stance over your snowboard is the foundation your build your riding on. By riding with difference stances you can discover how you can improve your balance over your snowboard. There are many different ways you can ride that challenge your balance. Riding tall or bent low to the ground Snowboarding with your back bent over your toes, or leaning back over your heels. Finally moving your weight forward over your nose, or backward over your tail. I hope changing your stance like this will help you improve your balance and snowboarding!


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  • Super tutorial. I got a problem last month with the following situation: End of the piste and there is a sharp corner left and a straight run that you slow down but you got to get it through to the chairlift. So i tried (because i ride goofy)with the heel edge to get the corner and continue straight ahead but because of the trafik and because i start cornernig and if i start to go to the toe edge and then back i catch an edge end crash painfully 🙂 So i tried riding switch on that turn (regular for me) it goes but because im not used to it i leave my back hand over the tail because i start to turn and again catch an edge. So i was looking others rides may be on flat base straight? How it should be and also i know that people usually don't ride flat base but if you decide you can make a video about this.
    P.S. I moved my angle of the binding for carving so it would be better to go this flat terrain on the edges but crashed 2 times and on the 3 th started walking it 🙂

  • Please do a tutorial on 540's of kickers in the park, i keep messing up after i did the 360

  • What Monopod and external mic do you use from your video "10 tips for filming with a Gopro"

  • Can you post a video of how to keep your balance when landing a jump. Also, every time I go off a jump, I go straight to doing a shifty even if I don't want to. Any idea of how to fix that? Thanks.

  • Next year i'm going to whistler. Please do a 5 days guide for whistler so we can optimize our time there!

  • hey Kevin I just want to let you know how much you've helped me improve my riding over the past 3 years I started add a free ski and snowboard event just to try it out I watched a couple of your videos on carving turning and writing one footed. 3 years later I'm still watching the videos and improving a lot more I've started hitting rails and hitting bigger jumps. thank you for everything you do and keep it up.

  • Yo Kevin, I just did my first 360 today, your video's really helped me a lot to accomplish it, thanks (:

  • Hello 🙂 I have a couple of questions about work of the coach. can it become the main source of income? How many vacancies? Could you name the advantages and disadvantages of this work? Just I really want get qualify instructor (ISIA)

  • Hi Kevin! I just wonder what jacket that is?? I think it looks awesome… And I got snowboarding pants with the same color as the down color (;
    (Sorry for bad grammar)

  • Hey kevin, how can i dry my shoes and gloves fast ( over night )? They are most of the time wet from the day before.

  • Do you have any tips for if you begin to lose your balance? I sometimes try to regain myself by slowing down and my boards edge will catch and throw me forward or backward really hard.

  • @SnowboardProCamp , Hey Kevin, I've been riding for a bit now twice a week, i can do some buttering tricks and small jumps but i never got the hang of riding straight. What are some tips that you could give me?

  • He man I was just wondering who are all of your sponsors and I just got some dc boots is that a good choice on my part? Please reply thanks and your vides are amazing keep up the good work

  • I need some serious guidance with my toe edge. I have my heel edge perfected but for some reason I can't hold a toe edge turns without eating the run. (I'm regular)

  • This is actually a great tip for intermediate riders, to methodically try and find the style/areas where you have issues and pro-actively work to fix them.