The North Face: Tom Wallisch’s Skier’s Discretion – The 2014 Season

After finishing the 2013 season as a top ranked American slopestyle skier, everything was going exactly as planned for Tom Wallisch. However, after a trip to New Zealand takes a bad turn, Wallisch was faced with the most difficult decision of his career.

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Blue Foundation – “Hoshi No Tame No Komoruta (feat. Cokiyu)”
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  • How do you say your name?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Really sad not seeing Tom in sochi :/ you are the main reason i freeski man, big fan! U are and will,always be a legend, atleast for me:)

  • Tom u are my personal olympic winner of hearts. I was so shoced when i heared that ur hurt and dont go to the olypics. I hope ull be recoverd soon. Im a big fan of u 4 ever! Go on ull make it !

  • Tom your my inspiration since I was 13. I started park in your eyes and now we share the same brace! Although mine is from a tumour that stops me from skiing or many sports… great to see you out there again!

  • Its a real fucking bummer to not be seeing this guy crush it at sochi. Keep Slayin Wallisch!!

  • tear your acl and continue to due shit on it you take the risk of tearing the meniscus. once you tear the meniscus to a certain point it renders useless. i promise you do not want a meniscus transplant. when you could just take 6 months off instead of damaging the meniscus and on setting arthritis. Glad you didn't tear it up anymore then you did homie. im 24 yrs old with 2 acl tears 1 meniscus tear and now waiting for a transplant.knee replacement by the age of 35-40. this knee shit is no joke.

  • Superb film by 4bi9, journaling Tom's heroic season faced with ups and downs. How he managed to continue to ski after such an injury is as much a mental challenge as it is physical one. Yet he persevered!! Tom will always be the face of freeskiing! A true Champion and Hero! My idol forever.

  • Awesome story, love wallisch. just recently broke my hand, had to get surgery to realign my fingers and put pins in. I'm supposed to miss the rest of my senior hockey season. Well fuck it, I'm going out tomorrow.

  • This is the illest! So pissed you won't be going to the Olympics but next time I'll be watching every run you take! You're the best there is!

  • So bummed about this. I board but Tom is by far my favorite winter athlete. After meeting the guy up on Mt. Hood I got to know how cool the dude really is, class act. 

  • WOW! Tom Wallisch is the greatest skier alive. He impresses me so much and I give him mad respect. The Sochi Olympics are really missing out on not having Tom Wallisch being a part of it. Tom Wallisch is so inspirational and I wish him luck in everything.

  • I was looking forward to watching TWalls in the Olympics even if I'll be rooting for Canada.. he's by far my favourite skier out there.

  • Here's to the next olympics then. Shame you didn't make it this time around. You deserve it,some of the best videos and style in the sport.

  • All my skiers friends and I, when you ask one of us "who's your favorite skier ?", will mention Tom Wallisch. Fuck the olympics just keep doiing what you do best : having fun skiing ! congrats from france, you're the legend!