Valle Nevado Powder Skiing

Awesome day of free skiing in Valle Nevado Chile. After 3 days of heavy snow we finally got a perfect blue bird day. We were in Valle Nevado for an early season ski race training camp. On this day we had the choice of training GS or free skiing pow. I made the easy decision to rent skis and shred the mountain with the boys, Jimmy Krupka, Tristan Mccutcheon, Jack Despres, Logan Slattery, Pate Campbell, David Frisk, Declan Mccormick, Johnny Saffo, and Jake Grabowski. I used the Gopro 3+ with a makeshift pole mount made by rubber banding a mount to my pole along with a few strips of Duct tape. 2 days after this video was taken we had a huge 8.3 earthquake.

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